Contract decisions simplified.



We don't believe that corporate legal functions will one day be run by robot lawyers. Law is ultimately human.

But we do believe lawyers need better tools and data to manage risk and resources in today's complex corporate environments.

Our solutions speed up decision making, and provide better information on which to make decisions. 

This is partly about process and technology. But fundamentally it is driven by fresh approaches to risk evaluation and use of quantative techniques. 

Keep it simple

Business loves simplicity. Our simple approach helps lawyers and non lawyers focus on the important stuff.

Keep it visual

Graphics communicate faster. If we can say it with a chart, we do. 

Keep it agnostic

Technology and data are powerful tools given the right problem. But we will never propose a tech solution for something that needs a human.

Designed by professionals

Solutions that work take time. We have spent years working with clients to identify where and how innovation can solve problems

Out Of the Box

We design our solutions to work out of the box. You'll probably want to configure them over time. But day 1 they should deliver value 

GREAT support

We understand the technology. We understand the legal issues. You get integrated support at a level that suits you.


An artificial intelligence tool designed to be embedded into day-to-day activities for work routing (triage), capture of data and performance analysis.



CI features an automated risk evaluation engine that outputs visual analysis and drives decisions



Rich contract data is captured and validated in the approval workflow. Your contract library just came alive.



Configure policies, showstoppers and approval gates at an organisational, functional, divisional and contract-type level



Use CI as an evaluation engine on its own or with its collaboration and contract management features.

In an age of cost pressures, up to

30% of legal budget

is wasted on professional advice the corporate doesn’t need or which could be obtained more cheaply through better management & processes*

* e.g. see Harvard Business Review Cisco case study (, Huron 2013 Impact Benchmarking Report survey of 71 in house departments



Tim Pullan

Founder & CEO. Tim is an international lawyer who spent a number of years in senior executive roles in the data and analytics industry in Asia & UK. 


John Sharp

Technology & strategy adviser. John is a veteran entrepreneur and angel investor, currently CEO of Hatcher, a leading B2b accelerator based in Singapore. John has worked closely with the team since the start (he wrote the first line of code!) 


Richard Moss

Chief technology officer. Richard has extensive experience in delivering products and solutions allowing clients to derive key business insights from wide-ranging and disparate data.  


Dom Hudson

Designer and developer. Dom is a highly entrepreneurial mathematician who had started 2 online businesses by the age of 17. 


Matt Meyer

Market & strategy adviser. Based in London and Singapore Matt is CEO of the Taylor Vinters law firm business in the UK, US and South East Asia.  


Mike Jones

Sales director. Mike has more than 28 years experience in sales and has held senior sales and marketing roles at Ernst & Young, Zurich Financial Services, St James's Place Capital, and Tite & Lewis. 


Bello Abubakar

Senior developer. Bello has developed a number of applications including Hatcher, Rise and DocDoc.  


Taylor Vinters

 Headquartered in Cambridge UK, Europe's innovation capital, and operating from its offices in London, Singapore and Cambridge with over 200 staff, Taylor Vinters serves an international client base of private individuals, fast growth companies, multinationals, investors and non profits.


 The B2B Venture Builder Platform. Hatcher has built an outstanding portfolio of technology-led, B2B businesses, many of which are recognized global leaders in their space.

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