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Delivering a consistent, speedy approach with every transaction

Matt Meyer, CEO, Taylor Vinters

The challenge

Clients are challenging legal service providers on cost, consistency, and speed. And as demands increase, the pressure on law firms continue to grow.

Taylor Vinters is synonymous with innovation and creativity, and are specialists within the innovation market. They wanted to find proactive solutions to enable them to showcase their expertise, while also allowing them to work with greater consistency and efficiency.

The solution

Taylor Vinters uses ThoughtRiver’s pre-screening platform to quickly and accurately assess each transaction and extract key data.

This allows them to make data-driven decisions on how best to proceed, which resources to allocate, and how to meet clients’ tight deadlines.

The results

Taylor Vinters’ partnership with ThoughtRiver delivers a wide range of benefits:



With every transaction starting with a Lexible review there’s a standardised approach at all times, no matter which lawyer is assigned.



All critical information is gathered through this review which means the transaction can proceed at the earliest opportunity.



Assigning the right resource at the right time avoids bottlenecks and keeps costs down – great news for both Taylor Vinters and their clients.

“Going forward we want to work with ThoughtRiver to develop client-specific profiles, so we can tailor our approach to particular client protocols, not just a generic approach. We aim to roll out Lexible to other departments and create new revenue streams based on the data that Lexible provides us.”
Matt Meyer, CEO, Taylor Vinters

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