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We Are Serious About the Climate Crisis

We are committed to completely removing our impact on the environment by October 2021.



We Recognise Our Responsibility to Act

Protecting the environment is part of our culture and we are setting goals that reflect our passion for this critical subject.

We are trying to help.

So What Are We Doing?

We're collaborating with our neighbours and acting ourselves to change the way we work.


Within ThoughtRiver

We have:

  • Offset all carbon emissions from our flights worldwide since April 2019 with ClimateCare (46.99 tonnes of CO2 so far)

  • Replaced bottle-fed water coolers with mains-fed, low ozone depletion, low global warming potential models

  • Implemented an optional universal work-at-home day, saving employees time, emissions and pollution by not commuting. Office-based costs and emissions are also reduced

  • Provided an environmental option for our pension funds that has significantly less money invested in fossil fuels

  • Started a cycle-to-work scheme to help our employees reduce their own carbon footprint


We have committed to:

  • Become carbon neutral and produce zero waste by October 2021

  • Offset all future flights worldwide

  • Remove all single-use consumables from our offices

  • Recycle everything that cannot be reused, utilising bespoke recycling schemes if necessary


We are investigating:

  • Running our software on carbon-neutral cloud providers

  • Replacing office consumables with sustainable alternatives

  • Taking part in car sharing schemes



With our neighbours

We have:

  • Formed a Climate Committee to tackle building-wide issues

  • Deployed water-saving measures in all our toilets

  • Set up food-waste recycling for the whole building

  • Removed single-use coffee stirrers from the staff kitchen

  • Fitted motion-sensitive LED lights in all shared meeting rooms


We have committed to:

  • Roll out extra recycling schemes with TerraCycle


We are investigating:

  • Switching our energy provider to one that supplies 100% carbon-neutral gas and electricity

  • Installing two electric car charging points

  • Implementing automatic power-off schemes for desktop computers

  • Improving provision for cyclists

“ThoughtRiver quickly noticed my passion for the Climate and empowered me by creating the Environment Officer role. I have a mandate to make meaningful changes within our business and hold our suppliers to account, and a good chunk of my time has been ring-fenced for running our Environment Projects. ”

Intelligence Engineer and ThoughtRiver Environment Officer

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