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Rapidly extract key information from your existing contracts to gain immediate and actionable commercial insight.

Whether you need to explore hundreds of contracts to check your exposure to new regulation or explore thousands of contracts to see which contain a certain cybersecurity clause or termination date. Manually trawling through all of the contracts is impractical and reviewing just a sample is highly risky. With ThoughtRiver these tasks are made simple.


Information extracted from hundreds of contracts in minutes


10x more cost effective than manual review


Easily report on findings

Surface specific positions or clauses across portfolio

Depending on the requirements of your exploration, the tool can either surface all clauses that contain a specific point of meaning or even where a provision is missing.


Reusable and Extensible

The regulatory and commercial landscape is ever evolving. ThoughtRiver’s exploration tools can be used well beyond the initial project. You can easily add new data points (questions) for review and even use existing intelligence for an entirely different use case where relevant.

ThoughtRiver in action

We helped a top 20 U.S. investment management firm to review anti-money laundering clauses to assess compliance with the 3rd EU AML Directive.

"What we seek to do with ThoughtRiver is extract critical information from contracts – execution date, expiration date, when renewal notices need to go out – the absolute basic information that, if not managed, will cost the company."
Martin Algie, Principal, MIA Contract Lawyers

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