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Lexible Learning Centre

Find out more about the Lexible accreditation scheme for a new generation of legal technologists.

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What is the Lexible Learning Centre?

The Lexible Learning Centre is ThoughtRiver's education platform and user community. Lexible is the universal contract knowledge tree that underpins ThoughtRiver's pre-screening technology. Sign up to the Learning Centre to learn more about Lexible, gain accreditation for your skills and connect with others interested in this cutting edge legal technology.



Lexible Accreditation Scheme

There are several tiers of Lexible accreditation to recognise user proficiency and mastery. The Lexible Scholar Lite accreditation is open to all and offers an introduction to ThoughtRiver and Lexible.


Subsequent tiers of accreditation are attained through online courses on the Learning Centre or through training seminars conducted by Lexible Consultants.


Ultimately, Lexible Pro accredited users are able to lead on Lexible projects to develop new pre-screening use cases on ThoughtRiver's platform.

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Gives our clients and partners the ability to learn about Lexible at their own leisure

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Allows like-minded individuals the opportunity to spark conversation and share information in an academic but practical environment


Provides users with access to technical content on Lexible to enhance their experience and abilities on the platform

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