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Automated review and guided remediation of contracts for large and busy legal functions.

Why pre-screen contracts?

Legal budgets are tightening, while contract flow has increased. Many hours are spent performing a review of contracts that are in fact not risky, wasting both time and the firm's money. They also find themselves adding the same comment, or cutting and pasting the same wording for a clause to a contract hundreds of times per year. As a result, in-house lawyers can become reactive, with their jobs frustratingly bogged down by tasks far below their capabilities. 


Up to 95% time saved for initial contract review


Up to 80% costs saved for initial contract review


Free your in-house team to focus on strategy, not NDAs

Summarise contract data into actionable recommendations

Our pre-screening tool understands the complex information present in a contract and compares your contractual positions against a bespoke playbook. This is rolled up into a single recommended action that a business user or lawyer can easily act upon.


Remediate the contract directly within Microsoft Word

Our pre-screening intelligence can be surfaced directly within Microsoft Word for fast remediation work. We even allow both one-click comments and suggested clause replacements to really improve your speed.  

ThoughtRiver in action

We are helping a major U.S. bank to pre-screen service agreements, SOWs and licensing agreements. We are able to help them review these contracts in around 3 minutes at a cost of $35 each; they had previously spent an average of 2-3 hours at a cost of $200 on each review.

“In a like for like comparison ThoughtRiver was faster and more accurate with its pre-screening than members of my legal team.”
GC, Global Manufacturer

Turning the future vision of the GC into today's reality

Learn how automated contract pre-screening technology can free up an in-house legal team to deliver strategic and commercial value to the wider business.


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