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Seamless Integration.

Our dedicated professional services team is on hand ensure you have access to ThoughtRiver’s intelligence where you want and how you like it.

Speed up user adoption

Our Professional Services team are our internal ThoughtRiver experts and legal professionals who can tailor your experience to get the most value out of ThoughtRiver. They are on hand to become an extension of your team with any legal content or workflow support you may require.

Embed ThoughtRiver into your workflow seamlessly

  • Contract intake from Teams or Email

    Send a contract to ThoughtRiver for review directly from MS Teams or by sending an email.

  • Stakeholders notified of review progress and next steps

    Receive a bespoke report or notification within minutes after contract is reviewed.

  • Make decisions based on review outcomes

    Contracts assigned to relevant individuals based on risk or value. Save documents in designated SharePoint folders.


Obtain insights from interactive dashboards effortlessly

  • Identify key topics and obligations across all contracts

    Organise all contracts based on coverage of key topics. Drill down further to determine frequency of specific obligations.

  • Negotiation & Language Insights

    View risk profile of all signed contracts to improve negotiation guidelines. Identify most common or never seen before language used to draft each contract topic.


Easily turn your current negotiating guidance into a ThoughtRiver playbook

  • Get started right away with our Out of the Box playbooks

    Start reviewing contracts on day one with ThoughtRiver using our Out of the Box pre-configured playbooks, available for a variety of common commercial agreement types. 

  • Work with our legal experts to focus on the risks you care about

    Our team is made up of legal experts who understand the risks and importance of accurate contract review, and who can help you translate this into a ThoughtRiver playbook tailored exactly to your risk appetite.

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