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Webinar: Turning the future vision of the general counsel into today's reality

1 May 2019

by Martin Davidson

Live broadcast: 2 May 2019, 12.30-13.30

This webinar is free for all members of The Law Society.

Webinar Content

Pre-screening contracts is traditionally a high volume, manual process that can be time-consuming for general counsels. This practice can prevent them from contributing to the wider strategic objectives of the business, while workload pressures and time constraints can lead to human error.

This webinar will provide insights into pre-screening technology as a secure solution and explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech can help save time on screening contracts and provide a report with potential risks and recommendations. It will also cover how a general counsel’s team can benefit from such software to focus more on business performance.

This webinar will cover
• existing working conditions of the general counsel’s team and impact this has on business performance,
• risks of legal delays,
• the AI technology to ease the workload,
• how the whole business can benefit from pre-screening technology.

By attending this webinar, you will gain
• a better understanding of contract pre-screening technology,
• awareness of how the general counsel’s team and wider organisations can benefit from these technologies.

Tim Pullan, Founder and CEO, ThoughtRiver
Tim Pullan is the intelligent contract pre-screening pioneer. In 2015 Tim relocated from Singapore to UK to develop ThoughtRiver’s technology in Cambridge, one of the world’s leading centres for natural language processing and machine learning. Tim is a regular writer and speaker on the role of data analytics in transforming legal risk management.

Martin Davidson, Chief Legal Intelligence Officer, ThoughtRiver
Martin Davidson is a company specialising in the pre-screening   of   contracts   using   AI.  Before   joining ThoughtRiver in 2017, he was Head Counsel at Sky and played a leading role in developing legal operations initiatives there, including contract automation.  He joined Sky as a legal adviser in 2005 and has operated in senior adviser roles at Sky since 2010. Legal500 recognised him as a rising star in their GC PowerList in 2017.

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