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Why Have Lawyers Been Slow to Embrace AI Technology?

10 Mar 2020

by ThoughtRiver Team

With the General Counsel’s team under pressure from all sides to deliver more with less, smart automated technology can provide a solution – but it needs to be approached in the right way.

Feeling The Squeeze

In recent years, there’s been increasing pressure on lawyers to deliver more with less. And this pressure has come from both internal and external sources.

In-house legal teams are expected to continue to deliver exceptional service to the wider business – if not add even more value year on year. Meanwhile clients are also questioning the size of their legal bills and wanting to reduce risks.

The net result is that lawyer time – even at relatively senior levels – is monopolised on delivering basic essentials. This means less time for these highly educated and capable individuals to:

  • Exercise genuine legal judgment to support the strategic imperative of the business,
  • Offer counsel to executives on commercial issues,
  • Provide insight into the opportunities and risk that reside within legal documents.

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