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Maximising profits through contract pre-screening

Martin Algie, Principal, MIA Contract Lawyers

The challenge

Contracts contain huge amounts of critical information, such as execution dates, expiration dates, and pricing algorithms.

But manually extracting all this data is a time-consuming task, which can cost companies money if not processed with the appropriate speed and diligence. MIA Contract Lawyers wanted to find an automated solution that could identify essential data at scale and pace, and allow companies to make more money from their contracts.

The solution

MIA use ThoughtRiver’s automated contract pre-screening technology to quickly and accurately extract the contract information that is most important to businesses.

By working in partnership with ThoughtRiver they can develop bespoke use cases of the system and train it to answer relevant questions as required.

The results

MIA’s partnership with ThoughtRiver delivers a wide range of benefits to businesses:



Information is shared with key stakeholders in real-time.



Boutique firms can develop new services and revenue streams.



Data is identified and relevant actions taken with maximum efficiency.

“The sky’s the limit. We can extract information on any obligations and rights, because ThoughtRiver is so flexible. We merely need to train the system appropriately.”
Martin Algie, Principal, MIA Contract Lawyers

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