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  • ThoughtRiver has been designed to handle any type of contract. ThoughtRiver has been taught to read a wide array of contracts out-of-the-box. You can extend this capability yourself, ask us to do it for you or wait for someone else in the ThoughtRiver community to do it.

  • Only you can see what you upload onto ThoughtRiver. You get a specific and isolated virtual machine where contracts are uploaded and reviewed. Confidential party-related details are also anonymized.

  • We do not share any contracts or other confidential information of ThoughtRiver users. This is yours alone. When users extend or train the platform they can choose to allow that intelligence to be used by other community members – but not your contracts.

  • ThoughtRiver is a faster and more accurate step forward over conventional contract analysis methods – as well as giving you the meaning of the clauses, unlike traditional contract search tools. Risky contracts are flagged up efficiently while contractual risk is quantified scientifically for strategic decision-making.

  • ThoughtRiver is primarily designed to analyse contracts. However, you can submit non-contractual documents and it will report on contractual issues it finds.

  • ThoughtRiver’s core property library is provided pre-trained although in the first few days you will want to run through some of your own contracts in case there are important stylistic differences. If you decide to create your own extensions to our library you will need to train them but ThoughtRiver offers a specialised training studio to accelerate the training process meaning that a new extension can be ready to use in as little as half a day.

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