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Intelligent Contract

Automated and bespoke interrogation of your contracts, providing a risk assessment and recommended next steps.

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ThoughtRiver addresses a fundamental problem for lawyers: you simply don’t know which part of a contract to focus on without reading it all. Our pre-screening technology automates this review process by reading the contract, answering key questions and suggesting what to do next.

30 sec to review a 5 page NDA, 2-3 min for a 60-page MSA

Your bespoke playbook applied consistently across all contracts

Data summarized as a single recommendation

How it works

Our pre-screening technology works by deploying a sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) engine which understands the contract at the sentence level.


Our Lexible framework then asks and answers thousands of individual questions of that contract to build a detailed picture of the obligations and rights within it.


These answers are then compared against your own playbook to produce a bespoke risk assessment and a decision on next steps for each contract. Most commercial agreements are reviewed within minutes.

“ThoughtRiver not only provides us a way of triaging contracts and prioritizing our resources, it effectively provides us with another legal team.”
Barry Rodick, Product Owner, Eversheds Sutherland

ThoughtRiver Insights

Learn how pre-screening technology allows your legal team to become more strategic and deliver greater value to the business.


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