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🏆 We are proud to be the only Legal AI vendor that shares their accuracy statistics. Read more.

Respond to third-party contracts within minutes with Legal AI

Automate your routine tasks and
reduce the time to signature by streamlining your third party contract review, editing, and approval processes.

Free up your time and allow your organisation to tap into business opportunities faster.


Pre-trained questions

8 minutes

Avg. review time



<24 hours

To get started

As seen in

Joe Stephenson at Shoosmiths

"ThoughtRiver’s platform reviewed complex supply agreements in less than 3 minutes with >90% accuracy. The same contract took qualified lawyers 4 hours to review at an average accuracy rate of 86%."

Joe Stephenson
Partner and Head of IT & Technology

Kate Wegryzn at Foley and Larder LLP

"By leveraging ThoughtRiver, in-house legal counsel, as well as business and procurement teams, can ensure a level of review for high-risk items while freeing up time to focus on more complex, higher value initiatives."

Kate Wegryzn
Foley & Lardner LLP

Hamish Gray at Hoare Lea

"We scanned the market for an AI capability capable of being trained to review our appointments and found a clear winner in ThoughtRiver with a compelling business case supporting the investment."

Hamish Gray
Director of Legal & Commercial
Hoare Lea

Review your contracts at speed with the industry's most accurate legal tech*

We rigorously test the platform 3 times a week against 750,000 data points and update it's knowledge base daily by our in-house lawyers.

*we aren't joking!

Illustrative image of a plug connecting to a socket, symbolising seamless integration with existing workflows.Existing workflow integration

Either in your email inbox, Microsoft Word or Teams. We work where you work.

Lightbulb illuminating a checklist, symbolising the ability to build your own playbooks for contract review.Build your own playbooks

Identify specific clauses, obligations, or risk factors unique to your business.

Digital to-do list highlighting key issues in contracts, emphasising organisation and prioritisation.Digital issue lists

Enhance flagged risks with custom notes and tasks into a to-do list for each negotiation.

Magnifying glass over a contract, representing built-in contract intelligence for detailed analysis.Built-in contract intelligence

A searchable contract database that you can easily mine for insights and opportunities.

Speech bubble indicating automated markup for efficient contract editing.Automated mark-up

Redline and edit with one-click comments and clause suggestions from template contracts.

Screenshot of a contract management dashboard showcasing tools and metrics for effective oversight.Contract management dashboard

Brings all deals together into one screen, giving you full control of the process.

Chanley Howell"ThoughtRiver helps shorten review time without compromising high-quality standards. It also reduces operating expenses and gives general counsel offices greater ability to accurately budget legal costs."

Chanley Howell

Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

Experience the power of AI in legal reviews with ThoughtRiver

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