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Streamline your legal operations with AI-driven contract management

In legal operations, ensuring efficient contract management is critical for smooth legal processes and minimising risks. Managing legal agreements effectively can greatly enhance overall productivity and mitigate potential issues.

AI Contract Review provides the solution.

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Streamline the review and negotiation of legal contracts by up to 80%, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Ensure compliance and risk management across all your legal agreements.

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Utilise intelligent search capabilities to quickly find key terms in all your contracts with our advanced portfolio analysis tools.

Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Risks in Legal Operations

Legal operations professionals face challenges in managing various contracts and ensuring smooth workflows. Delays and errors can disrupt legal processes and increase risks. 

By using ThoughtRiver, you can ensure all legal agreements are meticulously reviewed and compliant, minimising delays and reducing risks, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.


"The platform reviewed complex agreements in less than 3 mins at an accuracy level of above 90%. The same contract took qualified lawyers 4 hours to review at an average accuracy rate of 86%."

Joe Stephenson - Partner and Head of Technology at Shoosmiths

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