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Review your engineering contracts with AI & industry leading accuracy

Contract risk management has become an acute priority in engineering due to increased insurer scrutiny of liability clauses when determining whether to offer cover and at what price. For consultants, this can squeeze profitability and in extreme cases threaten viability.

AI Contract Review can resolve this.

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Review and negotiate bespoke contracts and professional appointments up to 80% faster with unmatched accuracy.

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Pay less for insurance with consistent risk management across your appointments, contracts and entire portfolio.

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Intelligently search for key terms across all of your signed agreements with our out of the box portfolio analysis.

Improve Project Delivery and Risk Management

Engineering projects require precise contract management to ensure compliance and manage risks effectively. Delays and errors can impact project timelines and outcomes. 

Ensure all engineering contracts are meticulously reviewed and compliant, reducing project delays and enhancing delivery timelines.


"We scanned the market for an AI capability capable of being trained to review our appointments and found a clear winner in ThoughtRiver with a compelling business case supporting the investment."

Hamish Gray - Director of Legal & Commercial, Hoare Lea

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