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Streamline your insurance contracts with AI & industry-leading accuracy

In the insurance sector, managing contract risks is essential due to regulatory scrutiny and the complexity of policy agreements and claims documents. Effective contract management can significantly improve compliance and operational efficiency.

AI Contract Review can streamline this process.

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Review and negotiate policy agreements, claims documents, and compliance contracts up to 80% faster with exceptional accuracy.

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Ensure robust risk management and compliance across all your insurance contracts and agreements.

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Efficiently search and analyse key terms in your signed agreements with our advanced portfolio analysis tools.

Enhance Claims Processing and Compliance

The insurance sector deals with complex policy agreements and claims documents that require precise management. Delays and errors can impact compliance and client satisfaction.

Ensure all policy agreements and claims documents are thoroughly reviewed, reducing processing times and improving client satisfaction.


"The platform reviewed complex agreements in less than 3 mins at an accuracy level of above 90%. The same contract took qualified lawyers 4 hours to review at an average accuracy rate of 86%."

Joe Stephenson - Partner and Head of Technology at Shoosmiths

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