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The people behind the technology

Existing to delight legal professionals

Legal professionals across the globe spend countless hours combing through contracts. Our technology is changing that for the better with sophisticated automation. We enable lawyers to deliver more business value and achieve greater job satisfaction by freeing up their time for higher-level strategic work.

Our innovative technology liberates legal brains to achieve their full potential.

By digitising the world's contracts we speed up contracting and increase deal velocity.

Our commitment to positively impact the world drives us forward.

Introducing squads

At ThoughtRiver, we work in interdisciplinary squads. These dedicated teams of hardworking specialists take pride in solving problems, getting creative, and making a real difference. Each squad has a specific area to focus on and the necessary tools to deliver. The people who are closest to the problems are solving them for our users.

ContentWe focus on creating amazing legal content.

“Dedicated to quality content, we are in charge of Lexible and our standard risk policies. The content squad is where you will find many of our machine learning experts and legal minds”

Pre-screenWe are all about user experience.

“Think of them as the tireless advocates for our customers. They ensure everything from the core technology to the front-end user interface is super-seamless and ultra-user-friendly.”

ExplorationCall on us when you need a deep-dive into your contracts.

“What we do not know about systems of record, getting contract insights for customers, and visualising complex contract data is not worth knowing.”

InfrastructureSecurity and support are paramount.

“Our crack team is tasked with keeping sensitive data confidential and protected on our servers. We make sure that our clients always have the latest and greatest version available.”

Sales, success and marketingThis energetic bunch spread the word about what we do.

“We build connections with new customers and make sure we are looking after our existing ones. Driving customer success is the name of the game.”

A group of technologists and lawyers who love to solve real-world problems

With 40+ people across four continents, ThoughtRiver supports customers around the world. Meet our leadership team.


Tim Pullan

Founder & CEO


Martin Davidson

VP, Customer


Richard Moss

VP, Technology


Dom Hudson

Director, NLP & Machine Learning (Co-Founder)


Angus Chudleigh

VP, Commercial


Kristin Shevis

Sales & Success – US


Kirsty Alderton

Director, Operations


Peter Nussey

Sales - EMEA


David Audley

Sales - APAC


Rebekkah Provine

Senior Contract Intelligence Consultant


Mwayi Dzanjalimodzi

Development Lead


Lachlan Harrison-Smith

Head of Lexible Framework and Senior Lawyer


Samuel Almeida

Operations Engineer


Lewis Cooper

Product Owner


Emanuela Denaro

Legal Engineer


Michelle Wakeling

Head of Customer Success


Macchris Ilo

Senior Customer Success Manager

“At ThoughtRiver we have the capacity to work on all sorts of different problems. Cutting-edge research alongside sophisticated software engineering and architectural decisions.”
Dom Hudson, Director, NLP & Machine Learning (Co-Founder)
“We’re always looking for talent – intelligent, driven people. No matter how much we grow we always have that family feeling.”
Morgan Polak, Senior Application Engineer
“As a team we always share the workload. My team is always there to guide me. ”
Sowmya Narayanan, Quality Assurance


Digitise the world's contracts

We see a world in which legal professionals are liberated from hours of unrewarding, repetitive work poring over routine contracts, and are free to achieve their full potential.



Create global communities around Lexible.

Lexible is the universal contract description framework. Developed by ThoughtRiver’s lawyers and our partners who are domain experts, Lexible uses thousands of data points to build a detailed picture of legal obligations and rights within any legal agreement. Our mission is to make this framework available and accessible to companies around the world. We want to build communities of professionals who benefit from the support of this groundbreaking innovation.


We set clear objectives and key results (OKRs) so everyone knows what their goals are and what’s expected of them. Importantly, we also all know how our work is helping the company to meet its goals, its very empowering. Alongside this focus and accountability, OKRs also create plenty of room for creativity and initiative.


Well-defined, ambitious goals are put in place. Every objective is simple yet meaningful and we focus hard on cross squad alignment.

Key results

Success is measured by the achievement of key results, which are measurable milestones that drive us towards our objectives.


We break things down into manageable tasks. Staying on top of these helps us achieve our big strategic goals.

Ready to join one of our squads?


Merlin Place,
Milton Road,
Sales +44(0) 1223 225045
Support +44(0) 1223 225042

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Tower 42,
33rd Floor,
25 Old Broad Street,
London EC2N 1HQ
Sales +44(0) 1223 225045
Support +44(0) 1223 225042

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High Street Centre #08-08,
1 North Bridge Road,

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New York

450 Lexington Ave, NY 10017

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