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The people behind the technology

We exist to delight lawyers

Legal professionals across the globe spend countless hours grinding their way through contract reviews. Our Contract Acceleration Platform is changing that for the better with sophisticated AI. We help lawyers to deliver more business value and achieve greater job satisfaction by freeing up their time for higher-level strategic work.


Our innovative technology liberates legal brains to achieve their full potential.


By digitising the world's contracts we speed up contracting and increase deal velocity.


Our commitment to positively impact the world drives us forward.

We do our best work in teams

At ThoughtRiver, we work in interdisciplinary teams. These dedicated groups of hardworking specialists take pride in solving problems, getting creative, and making a real difference. Each team has a specific area to focus on and the necessary tools to deliver. The people who are closest to the problems are solving them for our users.

A group of technologists and lawyers who love to solve real-world problems

With a team across four continents, ThoughtRiver supports customers around the world.

Meet our people.


Tim Pullan

Founder & CEO


Lauren Oldham

VP, Product


Richard Hill

VP, Engineering


Kirsty Alderton

VP, Operations


Alice Paley

General Counsel, Head of Customer Success

Gabriele Kukauskaite
“ThoughtRiver’s values aligned with my own and what I wanted from my next job to be able to grow professionally. I knew I was going to be able to make an impact and take ownership of the work that I do.”

Gabriele Kukauskaite, Front End Developer

James Peacock
“Everyone at ThoughtRiver is so friendly and you get to work with some real experts”

James Peacock, Business Development


Make all contracts easy to understand for everyone.

We see a world in which contracting is a painless process where both sides of a transaction only need focus their attention on the material issues, and not waste time reading legalese and creating superfluous redlines.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination. Our aim is for our employees to be truly representative of all sections of society and of our customers, and for each employee to feel respected and that they can be their authentic self.>

To ensure best practice and encourage DEI in the workplace, we have formed a committee from a range of departments to encourage awareness, understanding, acceptance, and celebration of the complex and diverse range of human experiences. We are passionate about delivering a positive and meaningful impact and providing a fair, equitable, and mutually supportive working environment for our teams.

Our values

Our people are ON IT. A culture of individual empowerment.














We set clear objectives and key results (OKRs) so everyone knows what their goals are and what’s expected of them. Importantly, we also know how our work is helping the company to meet its goals; it's very empowering. Alongside this focus and accountability, OKRs also create plenty of room for creativity and initiative.



Well-defined, ambitious goals are put in place. Every objective is simple yet meaningful and we focus hard on cross squad alignment.


Key results

Success is measured by the achievement of key results, which are measurable milestones that drive us towards our objectives.



We break things down into manageable tasks. Staying on top of these helps us achieve our big strategic goals.

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