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27 June 4pm BST

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At first glance, the top 200 law firms have enjoyed a period of prosperity in the decade since the downturn. However, when you look deeper, troubling trends have emerged.

The ‘Big Four’ professional firms have moved into the sector. More corporations are bringing legal counsel in-house. And there is fierce competition for talent. If that were not enough to give partners pause, growth rates have started to decline.

So, how can you better position your firm to succeed – even thrive – in this new environment?

Your business results don't have to deteriorate – far from it. Join this webinar to learn how innovative technology can help to:

This webinar covers

Ensure that contracts are reviewed quickly and consistently, so that lawyers can regain more control of their time to focus on issues that really matter
Attract and retain quality talent
Cultivate, improve and broaden your areas of expertise within the industry while tapping into a new revenue stream


Pete Nussey
EMEA Vice President, Sales, ThoughtRiver

Pete Nussey has been working in legal tech for more than 10 years, many of which were spent developing and launching innovative new products at LexisNexis. As director of drafting content and technologies, he was responsible for a multi-million portfolio which ranged from automated proofreading tools through to document automation and innovative process/workflow solutions – all focused on enhancing the delivery of legal services.

Matt Meyer
CEO, Taylor Vinters

Matt Meyer’s focus is making Taylor Vinters one of the leading law firms internationally for innovative and entrepreneurial businesses and people. Based in London and Singapore, he works with a great team of business managers and lawyers to deliver growth in the United Kingdom, the United States and Southeast Asia.

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