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ChatGPT has put AI firmly in the spotlight, and legal tech is no exception. ThoughtRiver has been at the cutting edge of legal tech since 2016, which means we’re ideally placed to take a high-level view of how AI and legal tech has changed over the years, and discuss what the future looks like. 

Tim Pullan, CEO and founder of ThoughtRiver, and Laila Khan, Customer Success Manager, chatted about all this and more with Hadassah Drukarch and Marco Mendola on their The Law of Tech podcast. 

Take a listen to learn what Tim and Laila think about the evolution of legal tech, including how we’re able to do things today that simply wouldn’t have been possible even 18 months ago. More and more people are open to using technology, and they have a greater understanding of what tech can – and cannot – do. 

However, there is still a mismatch between expectation and reality. This makes it even more important to constantly talk with clients to understand what they’re looking to achieve, and how we can further develop ThoughtRiver to help them report on risk, share those insights, and negotiate the best deals in the fastest time.

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