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ThoughtRiver feature update: Digital Issues List Report

17 Feb 2022

by Hannah Murphy

Reduce the need for mark-ups and speed up the negotiation process. Share a Digital Issues List Report with the counterparty. 

At ThoughtRiver, we’re on a mission to get deals to done faster. We’re passionate about supporting the entire contractIng process and speeding up negotiation. That’s why we’re more than a little delighted to share our latest product announcement! We’re making it easy to create, curate, and then share a digital issues list with colleagues and the counterparty, created by our AI while you review and before you get to redlining.  

We know that our users prefer to work from an issues list than mark-up, especially at the early stages of negotiation. We also know that work pressures and imperfect technology mean creating, sharing, and updating an issues list can be a time-consuming pipe dream for all but the most complicated of deals.  That’s why we’ve created our Digital Issues List Report to make creating and sharing a list of issues so simple you can do it every time.  

The report is presented as a table of the issues that matter to you, based on your playbook or our out-of-the-box playbook. You can add, close, or edit any issue as you review a contract, then filter an issues list to show a contract checklist, high-risk issues, issues yet to be resolved, etc. Then share with other ThoughtRiver users, download as a PDF, or copy and paste as a beautifully formatted table into an email or a word document. 

The Digital Issues Report means users can: 

  • Collaborate more easily with colleagues and get the information they need, faster  
  • Encourage early negotiation on key issues before swapping rival redlines: ask for a first revision by sharing an issues list (without the time-consuming faff of manually creating and updating one) 
  • Compare contract versions by comparing reports 
  • Easily share a post-signature report within your team or the wider business, using ThoughtRiver’s filters to quickly adapt the same list to any audience 

ThoughtRiver users will see the Issues List Report tab when they log in. 


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