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Video: Learn about Legal 4.0

29 Jan 2019

by David

As in-house legal teams are seeking smarter and faster ways of tackling a deluge of paperwork and contracts, legal experts introduce legal 4.0 and explain how technology can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

What is legal 4.0?

The challenge for an overworked in-house team is to prioritise all the contracts and agreements that need reviewing, and identify which need urgent attention – both from a risk and a business opportunity perspective.

Graham Richardson, Practice Group Head at Eversheds Sutherland, introduces the future of alternate legal services providers, and explores how in-house legal teams can focus more time on strategic work that takes advantage of their valuable business knowledge.

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Legal Tech

In-house legal teams struggle to deal with all the data, paperwork, documents, and emails that come to them on a daily basis. Processing all this information and assigning work efficiently can be complex and risky. While a GC’s team is busy, what are they busy doing? And is it providing best value to the wider business?

Jonathan Townend, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland, explores the robotic process automation tools and AI technologies that are changing the way in which organisations can approach legal services.

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Removing the pre-screening friction

As a former lawyer, Tim Pullan, CEO at ThoughtRiver, understands the time constraints on in-house legal teams. He recognises that automatically prioritising all the paperwork that comes into the legal team’s office is of paramount importance to the business.

Watch as he explains how expert questions posed by lawyers combined with AI technology bring the concept of a frictionless, automated contract pre-screening process to life.

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