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AI, A New Tool For A New Type Of Lawyer

28 Nov 2017

by catherine

Since the turn of the millennium, technology has changed the way we work beyond recognition. Jobs, which a generation ago required manual labour are now performed by machines that are several times faster, do not take sick leave and need no rest. The revolutionary effects of technology do not extend merely to blue-collar jobs; now, even banks, hospitals and supermarkets are utilizing technology to best serve you as a customer, while maintaining their margins.

There are some industries which have staved off most of the impacts of technology so far – legal being the most notable of these. This is not to say the legal profession is staffed with Luddites who oppose the tides of futurisation. After all, lawyers were quick to see the value of online research databases, which facilitate quicker access to case law and legislation. Rather, the legal profession is noteworthy for being apparently ‘unfit’ for the changes brought by the latest wave of technological advancements: namely artificial intelligence.

Read the full article by Tim Pullan in the most recent issue of Artificial Lawyer. 


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