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Artificial Lawyer Interviews Tim Pullan, CEO of ThoughtRiver

14 Jun 2017

by ThoughtRiver Team

Artificial Lawyer is a site dedicated to new legal technology.

The main focus is artificial intelligence technologies, but also seeks to cover the following areas:

  • Process and task automation
  • Smart/intelligent contracts
  • The use of blockchain in a legal context

Artificial Lawyer also seeks to cover the founders, investors and funds that help create or support legal tech start-ups.

Interview with Tim Pullan

Tim Pullan, the CEO of UK-based legal AI company, ThoughtRiver, came to the world of legal tech start-ups through a series of steps.

Having started professional life as a trainee at insurance law firm Kennedys, Pullan moved through several legal roles, including partnership at the then Lawrence Graham, which is now part of Gowling WLG, then a stint in Asia for consumer credit data company Experian, then joining the Singapore office of Taylor Vinters as Head of Technology, before returning to Cambridge.

During this journey through different roles and firms, Pullan became increasingly focused on how technology could be applied to legal contracts in order to remove risk, much as Experian focuses on gathering data to assess risk on personal credit-worthiness.

The result was the creation of ThoughtRiver (TR) in January 2015, a joint venture with his current firm, Taylor Vinters.

Read the full interview here.


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