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Supporting a global conversation on the Climate Crisis

19 Sep 2019

by Marcus

A note about tomorrow's Global Climate Strike.

At ThoughtRiver, sustainability is at the heart of our business.  One of our aims as a business is to move legal work away from the reams of paper that have characterised it for hundreds of years, and transfer it into a carbon-neutral digital world. Our mission as an organisation is to digitise the world's contracts. This is good for our climate, but more can be done.

Recently, more and more organisations have been declaring direct support for action on the Climate Crisis. As ThoughtRiver’s Environment Officer, my resolve and passion for our environment have been strengthened by this, inspiring me to push for transformative environmental policies within my own company. It has also allowed me to realise that our actions alone will not be enough to solve the problem, but that all of us working together could be. One thing I was particularly elated and relieved to see was Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Officer declaring public support for Microsoft employees attending the Global Climate Strike tomorrow - as one of the biggest companies in the world, to see them support this cry for action is truly heartening.

Thus, I am proud to announce that we, too, will be supporting our employees taking part in the Climate Strike as they join their voices with millions of others around the world. ThoughtRiver will remain open, moving us towards a paper-free legal world, but I am happy to say that I will be at the Strike, joining my voice too.

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