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Meet The Team David Burton - Application Engineer

6 Feb 2020

by catherine

Before  joining Thoughtriver in May 2017, I was a web developer in the adult education sector creating SAAS platforms and learning materials, mostly for teaching literacy and numeracy. Here I was probably  considered "full stack" but my specialism lay within database and back-end code.

thoughtriver-244My role at ThoughtRiver can be different every day. I have quite a broad understanding of the whole application tier (except the AI), so I am often the first one approached as third line support for the customer support or operations teams. I try to give an immediate idea that can be checked, to get us closer to a confirmed diagnosis and ultimately a resolution. I might need to write a database query for operations to run, diagnose an error message or log file entry or attempt to understand a screenshot. I also spend time focusing on application development, which might be on one of our internal or external APIs, a dedicated service or the back-end of our customer facing application. If pushed, I might tweak some front end code - but it's probably not advisable to do too much more. My approach is clean and functional first, pretty later!

Even though I am not from a legal or AI background, I believe we are only just beginning to see what AI can bring. I see it much the same as the advent of computing 60 odd years ago where this brand new technology arrived, no-one really knew what it was capable of or what it meant for everyone else - but eventually it changed everything, mostly for the better, except where it was abused of course. What I can definitely say is I am really pleased to have found a place in what is undoubtably a growth industry where I can also grow and learn myself!

When I do find time for it, I like to keep up to date with advances in science and technology, particularly physics, astronomy and computers. I also practice photography, particularly of nature while avoiding taking photos of people. I am told I am good at it, but I only see what could be better - probably that problem solving developer leaking into my hobbies! I also waste time the way many people switch off with TV, films and PC games.


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