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Meet our Intern Team!

7 Aug 2018

by catherine

For this summer, we have 5 fantastic interns working with us. Each one of them has an exciting story to tell and it has been a pleasure having them as part of the ever-growing team.

Here we introduce them and give you a little insight into how they will be spending their time at ThoughtRiver.

So why choose ThoughtRiver?

Jenny – I had found out about ThoughtRiver in 2016 when I read an article discussing how technology could improve the legal profession. The idea that technology is capable of this was fascinating to me. And so, my introduction to legaltech came hand in hand with my introduction to ThoughtRiver. Although I have come across other legaltech companies since then, ThoughtRiver was the only one that managed to keep my attention. I applied to ThoughtRiver because of its ability to empower its clients and increase their efficiency. In situations involving GDPR or MiFID II Regulation compliance, where time is of the essence, the work of ThoughtRiver is vital for a lawyer. Other than ThoughtRiver’s uniqueness, I also applied because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about how a legaltech firm works in practice, but also to develop my technical skills”

Ollie – “The reason why I chose to apply for the internship here at ThoughtRiver is because of the growing influence which technology is having in our society, especially in the legal sector. This is apparent by the way in which legal professionals' work is evolving, with an ever-growing reliance on technology. ThoughtRiver is at the forefront of developing innovative software using artificial intelligence which can transform the way in which contracts are analysed by legal professionals. Therefore, the opportunity to gain experience with the market leaders of this exciting area was a chance I could not miss.”

Annnell – “I chose to intern at TR as I liked the name and objectives of the firm.  I am intrigued by AI and recognised that an opportunity to develop my skills in LegalTech would inevitably enrich my practice, benefit employers and clients alike.”

Rugerro – “I chose to intern at ThoughtRiver because I believe that innovation and progress are playing an increasingly key role in the legal market. Having a strong interest and passion in technology, this company was really appealing to me representing an opportunity to gain relevant experience in both legal-tech and contract law.”

Nicole – “I am currently applying for training contracts. A recurring question asked on training contract applications is how the legal sector is changing and how can law firms stay relevant/maintain client loyalty. Technological change is vital to this, due to the ramifications for efficiency and manpower. However, there are very few opportunities to learn about legal tech as it is not part of the legal education curriculum. This internship with ThoughtRiver is allowing me to learn from the leaders in this field and to develop my understanding of contract law.”

Learnings so far…

The interns have had a busy summer so far and learnt a lot in their first 3 weeks with us.  Says Jenny – “The first three weeks of the internship has been extremely interesting and rewarding. We have been taught how to train the system in order for the AI to be able to analyse the contracts effectively. This has involved reading contracts and training properties which represent various clauses and legal concepts, this has strongly developed my legal knowledge and understanding of contracts.”  We also love Annell’s succinct list of her key learnings with us so far:

  1. A) How to use Lexible, ThoughtRiver and Fathom in a sentence.
  2. B) When working in a law firm emotional intelligence is equal in importance to technical skills.
  3. C) IT people are as quirky as I imagined, but also great fun and utterly brilliant.
  4. D) I really enjoy gaining insight into contracts and identifying the essentials of good legal drafting.
  5. E) Commercial law is like crosswords... Knowledge, experience and perseverance brings enlightenment!

Nicole has learnt a lot about draftmanship – “This internship has really demonstrated to me the importance of good draftmanship skills, as poor drafting significantly undermines an otherwise good contract. I have been able to further my understanding of different legal concepts and spend time with different people within ThoughtRiver to understood what the company does.”

Learnings to come….?

We asked our Interns what they hope to learn more about during their time with us.

Jenny says – “I hope to learn more about the technological side to the ThoughtRiver software, as i am interested to pair my legal knowledge with a solid understanding of technological development.”

Annell wants to “deepen my insight into the range of contracts utilised in industry and the business functions they serve.  I love language and want to build my drafting, legal tech and pitching skills, so that I can effectively wield the ThoughtRiver software and sell it to clients with integrity, conviction and flair.”

For Ruggero its all about “understanding and explain how this technology is going to change the way law firms and other organisations are going to work. I hope to gain a better understanding of how the legal properties are placed in the framework and how they are organised.”

Welcome to all our interns and it is great to have you as part of the ThoughtRiver team. We love to nurture young talents so if you are interested in an internship at ThoughtRiver, please send an email to info@thoughtriver.com.


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