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Meet the Team - Dom Hudson, Lead Intelligence Architect at ThoughtRiver

12 Apr 2018

by ThoughtRiver Team

I joined ThoughtRiver as the first official employee in February 2015 straight after leaving university. Prior to joining the company I had worked with a number of technologies but usually under the algorithmic or web umbrellas.

Why ThoughtRiver?

It was very exciting to me to develop my career in a new industry just as it was blooming. I revel the chance to learn everything I can in focused applicable areas and ThoughtRiver gave me the chance to do this and become an industry expert in a narrow and emerging field. I was very interested in joining a company with such a bold vision and relished the opportunity to work in such a varied role, with so much scope in emerging technologies.

As 'Lead Intelligence Architect', I drive ThoughtRiver's technology strategy on Contract Intelligence - covering research, development and prioritisation of our Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and related intelligence tools.

A typical day for me is mostly a split between developing our intelligence back-end, "Fathom", and working in a research environment on our Artificial Intelligence models. Depending on the topical task, this can involve highly semantic or algorithmic analysis. Additionally, there are frequent discussions on our architecture to ensure our technology continuously evolves. Currently, a primary focus for me is on our 'Entity Recognition' capabilities to ensure the relative direction of obligations and limitations can be effectively determined with regard to the contracting parties.

The Legal Tech world is still very young and there are many workflows and habits that could be improved with adoption of technology. It's exciting to be part of this process and see more and more LegalTech events, companies and conferences emerge. I anticipate and hope that the future will hold a more transparent contractual process where parties can more effectively and efficiently evaluate their position.

When I am not busy working I compose and produce music - some released under my friends' names and some under my own. I started two small-businesses whilst I was a teenager - one of which involved "fire spinning" at festivals and events!

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