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Meet the Team - Rebekkah Provine

9 Aug 2019

by Rebekkah Provine

In this issue of Meet the Team, we introduce Rebekkah Provine, Senior Lexible Consultant

I started working at ThoughtRiver a little over three years ago. Prior to ThoughtRiver I had taken a break from work following the birth of my twin daughters. Prior to that, I worked as a Contract Analysis Consultant.

I chose ThoughtRiver for a few reasons. The first is that ThoughtRiver is a really exciting company to work for because we’re using novel technologies to make the lives of lawyers easier. The second is that, while I’m a lawyer by training, I’ve always been drawn to non-traditional legal roles. ThoughtRiver allows me to use my legal training, while working in a non-typical legal environment. It’s also allowed me the opportunity to learn about the tech side of things that previously I had very little experience with.

thumbnail_thoughtriver-65I’ve just returned from maternity leave last month, so I’m still getting back into my work routine. As such, my days aren’t as typical or set as they will be once I’m fully settled back in! I start my day with the daily Contract Intelligence stand-up call, where we all share what we’re working on and the progress we’ve made. I’ve been splitting my time between a number of projects. Most recently, I’ve been primarily focusing on Lexible, both through updating existing work and creating new content.

Additionally, I’ve been assisting Lachlan, the Head of Lexible, with research for new features for the system. I also do a lot of work with our Lexible properties, both through creating new properties and training properties we already have in the system. Our CI team is very collaborative, so often I’ll help other team members throughout the day as well.

In terms of the future of LegalTech, I think that it will only continue to grow. It’s an exciting area to be a part of, with many new and interesting ideas coming about every day. Eventually, I’m sure, all sectors of law will embrace the ideas coming out of LegalTech right now.

And a little bit more about me!  When I am not working I love watching football and was lucky enough to go to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


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