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SRA Innovate: making business ideas a reality - Cambridge, 5th June

4 Jun 2018

by catherine

Tim Pullan, CEO ThoughtRiver will be on the panel at the SRA Innovate event, "Making business ideas a reality" at The Hilton City Centre, Cambridge on June 5th from 09.00 – 13.00.

Are there new ways you could be offering services to clients?  Want to discuss the latest ideas for innovation in the legal sector?

Join us in Cambridge to hear how we can help law firms innovate and the creative ways you can grow your business.

This conference will give you law firms a competitive edge by:

  • Finding out about practical innovation and how to bring new ideas to life
  • Exploring how you can make your business fit for the future - from technology to your workforce
  • Discussing how you can reach new markets by understanding how the public choose and use legal services
  • Learning how other solicitors and firms are exploring new initiatives to better serve their clients and run their businesses
  • Engaging with thought leaders on our interactive panels
  • Poviding you with insight, advice and guidance on how we can help make business ideas become a reality and talking to us about any barriers
  • Creating new, useful, professional contacts.

Read more information about this event on our website.



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