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A tale of two GC teams

19 Feb 2019

by David

Our new infographic highlights the real difference that automated contract pre-screening technology can make to a GC’s team.

A week in the life

From the fax machine to smartphones and artificial intelligence, the continuous advancement of technology changes the way we live and work with consistent regularity. And we get so accustomed to each new solution that we quickly forget what life was like before we had it in our lives.

Likewise, it’s often difficult to look forward and understand the tangible difference that new technology can have on the way we work. It’s hard to conceive the real value of technology that we have yet to encounter.

To lay bare the benefits of automated contract pre-screening technology, we’ve created this handy infographic. Take a look as we look at a week in the life of two GC teams, one with pre-screening technology and one without.

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