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ThoughtRiver Carbon Neutral

22 Oct 2019

by Marcus

After discussions with our CEO, I am pleased to announce that we have just committed to be Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste by October 2021. This target reflects the increasing urgency to tackle the Climate Emergency, and our responsibility to succeed to the benefit of our environment and society rather than at their expense.


In line with this, we also committed to start the transition towards becoming a B-corporation - a business that seeks to balance purpose and profit, utilising itself as a force for positive change. This will involve investigating our environmental impact further, along with how we relate to our community and staff.

We also intend to improve our benefits package in several ways, providing a number of ethically-empowering, eco-beneficial perks that will leave us healthier, happier and more fulfilled; investigations include divesting our pension scheme from fossil fuels and running a cycle-to-work scheme.

All in all, we want to do better for the planet and its people, and I'm happy to report that ThoughtRiver is moving with certainty in the right direction.


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