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ThoughtRiver in the Law Gazette

17 Nov 2016

by Jeni

The Law Gazette published on 14th November 2016 an article entitled 'Legal Geek and technology: new horizons' a review of the Legal Geek Tech conference held in October, in which ThoughtRiver was featured.

ThoughtRiver is a start-up founded by Tim Pullan, partner at Taylor Vinters based in Cambridge, which acted as an incubator for ThoughtRiver and its risk evaluation contract management intelligence software and supports compliance and decision-making.

ThoughtRiver is run independently and has the freedom to contract to other law firms and corporate legal departments that are not clients of the firm, and therefore the potential for significant growth. Taylor Vinters’ chief executive Matt Meyer sits on the ThoughtRiver board: ‘Collaboration is the best way for a mid-market firm like ours to tap into innovation and the incubation model gives us the best of both worlds. We have access to innovative thinking and technology, and by embedding it in our organisation, our lawyers get to apply it on a daily basis and help to transform the legal services delivery model.’


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