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ThoughtRiver launches GDPR compliance analysis tool

18 Apr 2018

by ThoughtRiver Team

GDPR needs no introduction.

Chances are you have already made a start on the most obviously important tranches of GDPR agreements, which will hopefully be somewhere in the process between review and remediation.

But what about the hidden, largely unknown, risks lurking in the others? A risk that comes from simply not having a handle on the data flows that may be present within third party relationships.   See our article on this here.

Thus far, the only way to assess these is to have somebody to trawl through each agreement. This wasteful and costly method is painfully slow and laborious; because you don’t know what you don’t need to read until it is too late.

No wonder then that some have buried their heads in the sand – not exactly what the Information Commissioner’s Office will be looking for.

For more information on our GDPR service and to download a sample dashboard, click here.


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