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ThoughtRiver speaking at University of Cambridge

24 Jan 2017

by Jeni

ThoughtRiver's CEO Tim Pullan, will be speaking at the University of Cambridge's forthcoming Enterprise Tuesday session. The Enterprise Tuesday event is is a regular session at the University of Cambridge which this term is focussing on entrepreneurship. Tim will be speaking from his own perspective of ThoughtRiver during the session on 21st Feb entitled 'Incubating for Disruption: Collaborative Business Models' which is presented by Matt Meyer, CEO, Taylor Vinters. Zeev Fisher, Founder, Pekama will also be joining in. ThoughtRiver is a collaboration with TaylorVinters who acted as an incubator and is an investor in the company.

This Enterprise Tuesday session will be useful for anyone interested in collaborative business models – when, why and how they can deliver value. The speakers will share their experience of how collaboration through incubation can work between an established business and potentially disruptive start-ups. They will also cover 'What kind of mind-set and business culture is required to grasp the opportunities and process the challenges?'

The speakers will illustrate how negotiation and the leveraging of networks can lead to mutual benefits without necessarily having a predetermined structure.  The audience will also hear about what it takes to develop a culture that encourages new ideas and provides support.

To find out more and register for tickets, visit the University of Cambridge's Events section.


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