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ThoughtRiver and Taylor Vinters announce partnership

26 Nov 2019

by catherine

A new partnership between ThoughtRiver and Taylor Vinters has seen an automated customer review service be established

The partnership will allow users of contract reviewing software ThoughtRiver to make use of a standard observed and approved by law firm Taylor Vinters by making a purchase on the platform.

Beginning with the offering of an advisory package on third party non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), expertise provided by Taylor Vinters will be codified using ThoughtRiver’s Lexible framework.

This will allow the law firm to offer their legal services faster and for a lower price in comparison to more traditional means of consultation.

“This new technology allows us to take a pioneering step forward within the professional-level legal services landscape – to position law as a commercial service model,” said Matt Meyer, CEO of Taylor Vinters.

Read the full article on the Information Age website.


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