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ThoughtRiver’s founder tells us why they’ve won a £400k award for the development of ‘thinking AI’

13 Dec 2018

by catherine

Contract intelligence vendor ThoughtRiver has been awarded funding from Innovate UK for a £400,000 project to develop what it refers to as ‘thinking AI’.

ThoughtRiver’s technology automates the day-to-day routing and prioritisation of decisions in corporate legal functions, using machine learning to interpret contracts and assess their risk based on corporate policies and protocols.

Each contract pre-screen undertaken by ThoughtRiver triggers 1000s of software-answered questions on each contract in order to replicate what actually happens when a junior lawyer or paralegal conducts an initial scan on a contract.  Pre-screening then rolls up the answers in order to deliver a single final context-sensitive recommendation about whether a contract needs further review and by who.

Read the full article on the LegalIT Insider website.


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