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What is ThoughtRiver’s New ‘Thinking AI’ + What Will It Do? - Artificial Lawyer

17 Dec 2018

by ThoughtRiver Team

Last week Artificial Lawyer shared the news that AI company, ThoughtRiver, which has a focus on risk analysis and pre-screening of legal documents, had been awarded funding for a major new project to develop what is being labelled as ‘thinking AI’.

Naturally curious of such a project (see the details of the funding in previous story here), AL had a chat with Tim Pullan, Founder and CEO of ThoughtRiver, along with two of the engineers involved in the project: Dom Hudson, Lead Intelligence Architect, and Nathan McCoy, Data Scientist.

The project will also be supported by NLP consultancy iLexIR and its founder, Professor Ted Briscoe of Cambridge University. The two groups will share £400,000 of Innovate UK funding.

So, first of all, in broad terms, what will be the new capabilities of this legal AI application?

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