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'Twas the night before ThoughtRiver Christmas 2023


'Twas the night before Christmas, in ThoughtRiver's domain,

Not a line of code stirring, no bugs to explain.

The servers were humming with AI's quiet grace,

In hopes of boosting contracts at an even swifter pace.


Our teams were all nestled in their cozy abodes,

Dreaming of innovations and conquering new roads.

With legal minds sharp and marketing's creative flair,

We knew that our mission soon all would be aware.


When out of the office, there arose such a cheer,

We sprang from our desks, filled with festive cheer.

To the window, we rushed, with excitement we surged,

To see the year's accomplishments all well-merged.


The moon's gentle glow on our London street,

Lit up the path to success, oh, what a feat!

With contracts reviewed swiftly and risks brought to light,

Our AI-powered platform shone so bright.


With a CEO leading, wise and so bold,

We knew that our future was worth more than gold.
Our teams, they were diverse,

with talents so grand,

Together, we thrived, building on solid land.


From Legal to Marketing, CS to DevOps,

Each team played their part with minimal stops.

We rolled out new features, customers in sight,

And witnessed their satisfaction take flight.


As the year drew to close and we bid our goodnight,

We knew in our hearts that our future was bright.

So, we exclaim with joy as we dim the office light,

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a brilliant ThoughtRiver night!"