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Evolve the Law Podcast: Tim Pullan Dive into ThoughtRiver on this week's episode of the ETL Podcast Featuring Founder Tim Pullan

18 Dec 2019

by catherine

Tim Pullan is Founder and CEO of ThoughtRiver. Headquartered in London and Cambridge, ThoughtRiver draws on the expertise of experienced industry lawyers and leading-edge computational linguists to digitize the world’s contracts, helping businesses and individuals contract more simply.

This week’s Evolve the Law Podcast was recorded with Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist). Listen as Tim and Ian take a deep dive into ThoughtRiver’s technology, discussing new solutions available to law firms and in

lad-1-272x216house counsels that remove the typical dysfunctions seen in modern commercial transactions. Tim also shares his expert perspective on the fundamental problem with traditional contracts and what can be done about it.

Listen to the podcast on the ETL website.


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