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LegalTechMafia Breakfast – A Great Way to Start The Day!

10 Mar 2020

by Kristin Shevis

It was a pleasure to attend a Legal Tech Mafia Breakfast Series last month, hosted by the highly regarded Ari Kaplan, and Helena Sprenger at Houthoff.

These events take place each month at a variety of global venues with the aim of bringing together thought leaders from law firms, corporate legal departments, legal technology companies, law schools, government agencies, and other organizations to discuss the impact of technology on the evolution of the legal profession.


"Innovation was a big theme at the recent Legal Tech Mafia breakfast. Hearing directly from leading law firms, large companies, and LegalTech vendors , finding standards will enable implementing new technology solutions. The telling comment, "there is no Salesforce for legal" is actually a huge opportunity to implement new solutions that provide meaningful KPIs for GCs." 

Its great to be a part of the #LegalTechMafia movement and we hope to attend further events in the future.


Kristin Shevis
VP of North America Sales and Customer Success


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