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Life as a Lexible Consultant at ThoughtRiver - by Tiana Gordon

19 Dec 2019

by Tiana Gordon

As a Lexible Consultant my daily tasks are generally centered around Lexible. Lexible is ThoughtRiver's contract description framework which consists of an ontology of meaning-based properties that together encapsulate the complex legal logic and relationships pre-sent in an agreement. It includes thousands of individual questions that together build a granular picture of obligations and rights within a document.

Recently, through our partnerships with educational institutions, ThoughtRiver's Contract Intelligence Team have hosted Lexible, AI and legal tech workshops at a variety of universities around the country. I particularly enjoyed giving a workshop at the London School of Economics and Political Science ('LSE'), having graduated there in 2018.

Lexible overview

The workshops present an opportunity for students to learn more about what AI is currently doing to support legal work, meet individuals currently working in the legal tech industry and learn how to apply their legal skills in a new, innovative way. During the interactive elements, students are able to explore ThoughtRiver's technology and receive some basic training on the platform. Through our education programme ThoughtRiver recognises the need to arm tomorrow's legal professionals with the skills and awareness they will need to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Alongside the workshops, I am currently managing the creation of the Lexible Learning Centre ('LLC'); ThoughtRiver's education platform and user community. The LLC will allow users to learn more about Lexible, gain accreditation and interact with a community of people who are also interested in this cutting-edge technology. Once complete, we will be able to direct our clients, partners, students and others to the learning centre to gain the training they need to become Lexible Pros.


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