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Meet The Team - Nayan Ardeshana, Lead Test Engineer

2 May 2019

by catherine

During this issue of Meet The Team we welcome Nayan Ardeshana, Lead Test Engineer for ThoughtRiver.

Life Before ThoughtRiver

Prior to joining ThoughtRiver I worked within testing for the Financial Sector, mainly for Building Societies.

Why ThoughtRiver?

I relocated from Leeds to Cambridge for my fiancée. When I came across ThoughtRiver and I read about what they were doing it reminded me of my time at University. I studied Computer Science and had no knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, but I was interested by it. It didn’t take me long to realise that I did not have the mindset to code for it. Reading about ThoughtRiver, I couldn’t help but think that it would be interesting to cross paths with AI again, but this time not as a developer, but as a tester.


A Day in the Life of a Lead Test Engineer

My role as a tester is to be the first line of defence against all forms of bugs in our product, simple right? But this means I must understand every aspect and feature of the system. I work very closely with the development team and CI team to ensure all our features and requirements are met and are up to the highest standard prior to releasing them to our clients. This involves communicating changes and new features to everyone involved.

The Future of LegalTech

A few years ago, if someone told me that AI could be used in the Legal sector, I would have been surprised but I am very excited about the direction that AI and legal tech is progressing in. I am no developer, but I can tell that the developers that we have are taking leaps and bounds on a regular basis to improve the intelligence that holds our product together, I am just proud to be a part of that. With the steps that we are taking to solidify AI in Legal tech, I would say the future can be anything. Who knows, maybe in the next decade or two we will have fully fledged robo-lawyers?

...And When Not Testing...?

Outside of work, I find every opportunity to dive into a fictional world by either playing games; reading books; or watching anime.





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