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Self-Service Contract Review

Make each lawyer more productive and help sales and procurement to self-serve.

Delegate the Work, Not the Risk

We solve the business's need for speed, and the legal team's need for risk management by enabling transaction management to be safely delegated to the business. 

No More Opportunities "Stuck in Legal"

By ensuring that each review happens against policy, no matter who is performing the review, ThoughtRiver enables a more efficient and less risky contracting process.

  • Increase efficiencyBy removing the noise created by confusing legal drafting, and focusing users on the real issues, ThoughtRiver helps businesses to do more with less.
  • Reduce risk and increase complianceBy ensuring all reviews happen consistently against the same legal policies, business risk is reduced, and compliance becomes simpler.
  • Reduce legal costsBy enabling lawyers to do more work in less time by safely delegating work to the business, ThoughtRiver actively reduces the need to engage with outside counsel.
“ThoughtRiver not only provides us a way of triaging contracts and prioritising our resources, it effectively provides us with another legal team.”
Barry Rodick, Lead Consultant

Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations

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Insights to Accelerate Contracting

Learn how our Contract Acceleration Platform will speed up contract reviews and negotiations within your business and provide peace of mind that nothing has been missed.


Contract Acceleration Playbook

Manual legal review slows contract negotiations, eats margins and kills deals every day. It doesn't have to be this way.

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Contract Acceleration Audit

Contract Acceleration Audit

Is your legal team acceleration leaders or laggards?

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AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

The use of artifical intelligence software to identify possible items of concern in legal documents is well established.

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