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Create a Technology-Enabled Managed Service

Legal services providers are competing and winning business with contract review propositions powered by ThoughtRiver.

Win More Business

Create a technology-enabled contract review service to cut costs, grow client revenues, and win new business.


Grow client revenues

Provide innovative new services to delight your clients and drive their deal velocity.


Win new business

Win new clients by including a lower cost, technology-enabled service into your offering.


Improve margins

Cut the cost of providing a contract review service to your clients.

What Is Possible?

Legal services providers such as PwC, Shoosmiths, and others are winning clients with services powered by ThoughtRiver.

  • Win clientsOur partners have won several high street name clients with their propositions powered by ThoughtRiver.
  • Drive efficienciesOur partners have reported efficiency gains of between 33-66% when their lawyers use ThoughtRiver.
  • Client introductionsBuild your capability for a specific use case and we will share any leads we get for that use case.
“In recent trials Cia reviewed complex supply agreements in less than three minutes, achieving an accuracy rate of above 90%. The same contract took qualified lawyers four hours to review, at an average accuracy rate of 86%.”
Joe Stephenson, Partner

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