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Legal services providers are putting AI-driven contract review services right at the top of new client pitches and winning them. What is your strategy for a tech-enabled service?


Boost client revenues

Provide innovative new services to delight clients and drive their deal velocity.


Attract new business

Win new clients by showing them the value of a lower cost, faster, and safer AI-powered service.


Improve margins

Cut the cost of the contract review service you offer clients, even providing secure self-serve contract reviews for maximum efficiency.

Discover the benefits of an AI-powered offering

Learn how Shoosmiths, and others are winning clients with services powered by ThoughtRiver's AI platform.

  • Win clients

    Our partners are winning high street name clients with their propositions powered by ThoughtRiver.

  • Drive efficiencies

    Our partners have reported efficiency gains of between 33-66% when their lawyers use ThoughtRiver.

  • Client introductions

    Build your capability for a specific use case and we will share any leads we get for that use case.

“In recent trials Cia® reviewed complex supply agreements in less than three minutes, achieving an accuracy rate of above 90%. The same contract took qualified lawyers four hours to review, at an average accuracy rate of 86%.”

Joe Stephenson, Partner

See why precision matters.

Learn how the world's most accurate legal AI can accelerate your contract negotiations.

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