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Banish the phrase "it's stuck in legal" from your business

We solve the business's need for speed and the legal team's need for risk management by enabling lawyers to safely delegate transaction management to the business.

Increase efficiency

By removing the noise created by confusing legal drafting, and focusing users on the real issues, ThoughtRiver democratizes contract review and negotiation and helps businesses to do more with less.


Reduce risk and increase compliance

By ensuring each review happens consistently against the same legal policies, business risk is reduced, and compliance becomes simpler, no matter who performs the actual review.


Reduce legal costs

By enabling lawyers to do more work in less time by safely delegating transactional work to the business, ThoughtRiver actively reduces the need to engage with outside counsel.


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“ThoughtRiver not only provides us a way of triaging contracts and prioritising our resources, it effectively provides us with another legal team.”

Barry Roddick, Lead Consultant

Managing cross-functional requirements

Turbocharge your business

The need for speed

Time is the enemy of the deal. Anything could happen, so getting that deal closed is paramount. This is why the number one ask of the legal team by the wider business is speed.

The need for risk management

The legal team's first thought is always risk mitigation. They are the last line of defence for the business before contracts are signed and obligations created.

Insights to Accelerate Contracting

Learn how our Contract Acceleration Platform will speed up contract reviews and negotiations within your business and provide peace of mind that nothing has been missed.

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The importance of task-matching in Legal AI

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Contract Acceleration Playbook

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AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

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See why precision matters.

Learn how the world's most accurate legal AI can accelerate your contract negotiations.

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