Automated review of engineering appointments

  • Review and negotiate professional appointments faster
  • Pay less for insurance with consistent risk management across your appointments
  • Intelligently search for key terms across all of your signed agreements

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Pay Less for Insurance by Managing Risk with AI

Contract risk management has become an acute priority due to increased insurer scrutiny of liability clauses when determining whether to offer cover and at what price. For consultants, this can squeeze profitability and in extreme cases threaten viability.

AI Contract Review can resolve this.

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Consistent risk management made simple.

Receive an appointment agreement and upload it to ThoughtRiver

Our AI ‘reads’ your contract, looking for legal meaning and comparing against hundreds of comparable agreements.

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Review for risks

We flag risks and deviations from a playbook of industry norms as issues, alongside advice and suggested alternatives.

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Respond with an issues report

Automatically created from the list of contract issues, neatly formatted and ready to share, our issues report makes it easy to communicate on negotiation points.

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Create a searchable contract database

Every contract added to ThoughtRiver is indexed and stored in a smart database that makes it easy to search for key terms across all of your contracts in an instant.

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“We scanned the market for an AI capability capable of being trained to review our appointments and found a clear winner in ThoughtRiver”

Hamish Gray, Director of Legal and Commercial at Hoare Lea

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Learn how the world's most accurate legal AI can automate reviews for construction and engineering appointments.

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