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Trusted experts in ThoughtRiver configuration, optimization, and service provision.

Services provided by our contract acceleration partners

Playbook creation

Our partners can work with you to create a playbook from your existing contracting policies, or update and streamline your playbook if you already have one. They can also digitize your playbook so it can be configured into the ThoughtRiver tool in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

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Partner approved playbooks

Our partners who are all subject matter experts have created their own playbooks to cover certain types of contracts. These playbooks are created and curated by the partner so that your platform can benefit from a partner-approved review.

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Managed Service: Powered by ThoughtRiver

Are you looking to outsource your entire contract review process, while still benefiting from the cost and efficiency gains that AI can bring? Our partners can provide a fully managed service using their own version of the ThoughtRiver platform, freeing up your team to focus on higher value work and allowing you to deal with peaks and troughs efficiently.

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AI training

Our partners can write and train new risk questions that align with your playbook, if these fall outside ThoughtRiver’s pre-configured questions. They can also train your version of ThoughtRiver against your existing contract base.

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Analytics, remediation and advisory projects

Legislative or regulatory changes can require remediation work on huge volumes of contracts, often in a challenging timeframe. Our partners can provide one-off or ongoing support on a range of contract analysis projects, and any subsequent remediation or advice needed.

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