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Lexible Partners

We have a highly curated network of Lexible partners who are trained and certified by ThoughtRiver to provide services to clients by extending the Lexible contract description framework.

Become a partner

Why become a Lexible partner?

Extend your service offering by providing bespoke Lexible authoring and training services to corporate clients. Our partners are able to generate proprietary IP by creating custom and private extensions to the Lexible framework.


How partnership works

Lexible Partners can provide paid services to ThoughtRiver clients and also extend out the Lexible framework into new contractual areas. For example, one of our lexible partners might specialise in insurance contracts and build out their own Lexible question bank to answer questions on this specific contract type. This partner could then offer services into the insurance sector.

Valuable partnerships to unlock new revenue streams

Martin Davidson, Chief Legal Intelligence Officer here at ThoughtRiver, discusses how our Lexible contract description framework can help law firms and in-house legal departments to build out new capabilities and open up new markets.

Every business is looking for ways to increase their client base while finding new and more efficient ways to service existing clients. And legal professionals are no exception. Get in touch to learn more about our Lexible Partners Programme.

A partnership example

MIA Contract Law is developing ThoughtRiver’s automated contract pre-screening technology to create bespoke use cases that quickly and accurately extract the specific contract information that is most important to businesses.

If critical contract data – such as execution and expiration dates – is not properly managed then businesses lose out on important revenue. By extending ThoughtRiver’s Lexible framework, MIA allows boutique firms to develop new service offerings that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.


Become a Lexible partner

Contact ThoughtRiver and we will assess your suitability to become a Lexible Partner and then take you through accreditation. If approved, you can start to offer your bespoke services to clients immediately.