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Maximise efficiency, minimise risk

ThoughtRiver helps Legal Operations to create efficient, cost-effective legal teams while also reducing risk to the business.

Increase the efficiency of your legal team

ThoughtRiver users cite between 33% and 66% productivity gains, helping Legal Operations to deliver on their goals of making legal more efficient.

Focus only on what matters

By ensuring that each review happens against policy, and removing noise from your lawyers’ working processes, ThoughtRiver delivers a more efficient and less risky review of contracts.

  • Increase efficiencyBy removing the noise created by drafting variations, ThoughtRiver allows lawyers to focus on what matters; negotiating the substance of the deal.
  • Reduce risk and increase complianceBy ensuring all reviews happen consistently against the same backdrop, business risk is reduced, and compliance becomes simpler.
  • Reduce legal costsBy allowing lawyers to do more work in less time, ThoughtRiver actively reduces the need to engage with outside counsel.
“ThoughtRiver not only provides us a way of triaging contracts and prioritising our resources, it effectively provides us with another legal team.”
Barry Rodick, Lead Consultant

Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations

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ThoughtRiver Insights

Learn how pre-screening and AI remediation technology speeds up contracting within your business and turns your lawyers into the strategic advisors you want them to be.

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

The use of artifical intelligence software to identify possible items of concern in legal documents is well established.

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Disrupting more than 1,000 years of legal contracts

How Lexible, the universal contract language, is opening up business opportunities by bringing the legal sector into the digital age.

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Digital leadership has multiple payoffs in law

Embracing an initiative to create a shared language of contracting can create new revenue streams.

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