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The biggest risk to any deal is time

Sales leaders know the pain of losing late stage deals during contract negotiation. ThoughtRiver gets you to signature faster, so you win more deals.

Never have a deal ‘stuck in Legal’ again

By speeding up the legal review process, and even allowing self-serve for some contracts, ThoughtRiver gets your deals to signature faster.

  • Keep your momentum

    Term negotiation can be a painful process when you just need to get the deal done. Even a simple NDA can slow your deal down while you wait for legal, which means you lose momentum.

  • Negotiate contracts faster

    ThoughtRiver allows you and your lawyers to only focus on negotiating the substance of the deal. The biggest risk to any deal is time. Who knows what might happen?

  • Sign more deals

    We get you to signature faster, allowing you to hit quarterly targets on time and focus on closing more deals.

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“ThoughtRiver helps my team to cover more ground in less time by making their contract review work much more efficient”

Mark Rodgers, ANZ General Counsel, DB Schenker

Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations

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Insights to Accelerate Contracting

Learn how our Contract Acceleration Platform will speed up contract reviews and negotiations within your business and provide peace of mind that nothing has been missed.

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The importance of task-matching in Legal AI

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Contract Acceleration Playbook

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AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

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See why precision matters.

Learn how the world's most accurate legal AI can accelerate your contract negotiations.

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