Contract Acceleration

Organize and optimize contracting for faster and less risky deals.

Contract acceleration enables deal-making by giving lawyers the tools to optimize and organize the legal contract review, which is at the heart of transactions both large and small. 


Discover the issues in each new contract in seconds not hours


Instantly create a digital issue list to organise the negotiation


Rapidly review and resolve those issues with confidence

The Problem With Contracting Today

Manual legal review slows contract negotiations, eats margins, and kills deals every day. Reviewing a contract manually is a mind-numbing, thankless grind, and the risk of missing something is still always there.


The Must-Have Solution: Contract Acceleration

Our Contract Acceleration Platform (CAP) uses AI to identify issues automatically and help lawyers and their business colleagues prioritise and resolve them. The risk of missing something is greatly reduced and lawyers can complete a review in minutes instead of hours.

Why Contract Acceleration is key

The final mile of every deal, the contract negotiation, is the most important stage, yet the least optimised. 


According to Gartner, contract review cycles are 1.3x longer than necessary and this legal drag translates into reduced growth.


According to WCC, commercial and contracting issues lie at the heart of 70-75% of failing projects, resulting in an average of 9.2% of annual revenue leakage.


We are changing this with Contract Acceleration.

"ThoughtRiver helps my team to cover more ground in less time by making their contract review work much more efficient"
Mark Rodgers, General Counsel ANZ, DB Schenker

How to accelerate contract negotiations

Discover how technology enables rapid issues discovery and automatically adds years of experience to inside counsel.


Turbocharge your contract negotiations. Get a freeThoughtRiver trial now to see how.