Contract Analytics

Use data from your signed contracts and past negotiations to make smarter business decisions.

Create Visualisations of Your Contractual Risks

ThoughtRiver’s easy-to-read, pre-loaded dashboards instantly show you the risks across your portfolio. We allow you to drill into the finer detail to extract the full value of your contracts as and when required.


Information extracted and analysed from thousands of contracts in minutes


10x more cost effective than a manual review


Data shared with integrated Tableau dashboards providing decision level insight

Analyse Your Risk Positions Across All Contracts

Compare your playbook positions against what actually gets negotiated by your team across your entire portfolio. Drill into how often certain clauses are used and understand how your team works in reality.


Portfolio Level View of Your Business Relationships

Visualise your entire organisation's contractual positions in one place. Use this information to drill into supplier or vendor relationships to make improvements to the way you negotiate, and to ultimately build stronger relationships.

ThoughtRiver in Action

We are working with a top global law firm to visualise the success of their negotiations across contract versions in terms of the risk positions.


We are helping several large corporates to truly understand the risks and opportunities that live within their enormous corpus of signed contracts.

"ThoughtRiver saves us weeks of time identifying dangerous regulatory issues."
General Counsel, Tier 1 Asset Manager

How to accelerate contract negotiations

Discover how technology enables rapid issues discovery and automatically adds years of experience to inside counsel.


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